Rosie Carney – Winter

Mit dieser einen Stelle hat uns ROSIE CARNEY gekriegt. Wenn sie in ‚Winter‘: „If I don’t want to go“ singt, geht bei uns einfach das Herz auf. Der Song der jungen Irin ist eine gelungener aus Norah Jones und Phoebe Bridgers. Also ganz viele ehrliche Worte mit ganz viel Gefühl. Rosie: “Winter is a confessional song written about knowing when something is over. It’s inspired by the brutally honest truth experienced when realising something is coming to an end regardless of whether or not that’s what you want. It captures the true cold essence of winter which can be felt when letting go.. It was, of course, written in the winter.. The instrumentation and production were very much inspired by the cold and bare landscapes around me. Everything is raw and minimal.”

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