Proxy Love – Oh My Love (Look At The Mess We’ve Made)

Nathaniel Foley und Benjamin Ramscar haben zusammen als PROXY LOVE die Glam-Infected-Indie-Anthem ‚Oh My Love (Look At The Mess We’ve Made)‘. Für solche Refrains leben wir und deshalb gibt es diesen Blog.

„This was the first song written after the break-up of my previous band. I’d been watching grainy footage of Bowie performing on his early Ziggy Stardust tour and wrote a narrative around the idea of a larger than life exaggerated glam-rock star playing melancholy pop songs in small clubs, imagining it would look and sound like a space-age Serge Gainsbourg. This was our first attempt, and thought it would make a great introduction to our world,“ sagt Nathanial.

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