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Bellevue Days – Ripped Jeans

Down, down down it didn’t exist, I confused hunger with lovesick.
Got pulled up by a pint on a hazy night but got dragged back down in hindsight.
Suck it up they said to me there’s plenty more fish in this bottle,
so I drowned my lungs with cigarettes and got fucked on the fact I’m lonely.

Down down down it this vodka this dream cos there’s so much left here to drink, I hope this scar don’t pull apart because blood don’t look so good on me
and Ripped jeans.

I drank hard like a demon, but I’m used to it,
with all the faux pas of a free man, who didn’t know to quit.
I drank hard like a demon, who would’ve thought,
that what I built to be giant, would be left so small.

Oh my God I drink to forget, I love leaving cigarette stains on my twin sized bed, still I’m singing.

Na dann, Prost!