Ellevator – Voices

Vor einigen Wochen haben wir euch ELLEVATOR mit ‚Hounds‘ vorgestellt. Jetzt meldet sich Nabi Sue Bersche mit ihrer Band zurück. ‚Voices‘ ist ein Lovesong, ein Melodien-Feuerwerk. Langsam entwickelt sich die Band zu einer unserer Liebsten Bands.

„I always had a pretty firm idea of what the Love Of My Life™ would be like. I had them mapped out completely, down to the rusty old pickup truck and the 5 o’clock shadow.
But then they weren’t any of those things. They were late nights on the phone and making out in my parent’s hatchback, they were unexpected and ill-advised and all sorts of tears. But I knew from the start that they were my future. So I guess Voices is a love song.“