pkwy – Punisher

Wenn ein Song sich schon anhört, wie sich diese Hitze anfühlt, dann sind wir bei PKWY absolut richtig. Leider ist ‚Punisher‘ viel zu schnell wieder vorbei, obwohl der Song eine schöne Geschichte mit sich bringt. Bandmitglied Ian erinnert sich: „One of my fondest memories of growing up involved a bowling ball that had the inscription „PUNISHER“ written on it in this gaudy and awful orange fuck-you font. When Jonah and Jon and I were 16, we took Punisher out to the undeveloped lot of what is now Playa Vista, where this long dirt road was pretty much empty 24/7, and we went „car bowling.“ Jonah drove his 1991 Volvo 240 up to 80mph down that dirt road, and either Jon or I would throw punisher out the door and let it fly. Very stupid and dangerous, but we were less anxious then. Afterwards, we went to someone’s house and got high and played Super Smash Bros and listen to Mazzy Star or something. The usual“

Klingt nach einer ganz normalen Kindheit. <3