Emma Elisabeth – Cavalry

Seit letzter Woche ist das Debüt-Album ‚Melancholic Milkshake‘ von EMMA ELISABETH zu haben. Liebhaber verwünschter Melodien und einer verträumten Stimme, sollte hier auf ihre Kosten kommen. ‚Cavalry‘ ist die nächste Single von der Platte. Über den Song sagt Emma: ”Cavalry is a song about longing, restlessness and daring to go for it. And it’s about giving in to what you feel, because you can’t force someone out of your thoughts anyway. No more waiting around. It’s about the feeling that nothing/none can scare me off, even if they tried. So send in the Cavalry and point arms at me – it still won’t stop me from thinking about you. Sound wise the song is, like the rest of the album, very organic, and has a classic band setup. Drums, bass, keys, electric and acoustic guitars matched with my dearest 80’s synthesizers, those are the key instruments, and on top of that the vocal arrangements which I love to nerd out on.”