Hollow Coves – Anew

Für ihren Song ‚Anew‘ haben sich Ryan Henderson und Matt Carins von HOLLOW COVES von der Landschaft Norwegens inspirieren lassen. Und daraus ist sogar ein ganzes Album entstanden. “We did this trip to Norway and stayed at an Airbnb on top of a mountain,” erklärt Matt. “We went on a hike to the top as the sun was setting. Every time we got higher, we saw more of the view. It was an incredible moment. Afterwards, we had the realization that our lives are really a collection of moments, and in each moment we have the choice to do something incredible or do something mediocre. That became a bit of a theme throughout the album.”

‚Anew‘ spiegelt diese Gedanken so schön wieder, ich bekomme sofort Lust zu Reisen, wenn ich den Song höre. Und ich bekomme sofort Fernweh, wenn ich das Video sehe.