Lavender Bones – Quiet Steady Love

Des öfteren hab ich über Janise Lazarte und ihre Band LAVENDER BONES geschwärmt. Jetzt ist die junge Songwriterin mit ‚Quiet Steady Love‘ zurück, ein absoluter Grower, der ganz minimal beginnt und mit der Zeit immer komplexer wird. „This is my favorite song off of the upcoming debut EP, „Quiet Steady Love“. The song transformed from being a simple melody with only guitar, to a full song with a laid back beat, that matched the tone of the song. I wrote it through the eyes of a person who is trying to assure their lover that things will be ok. It describes a growing kind of love that is based on trust – a love that lasts. Not many people are lucky enough to have this kind of love, but this song is a reminder that it exists.“ -Janise Lazarte