Melis – Waves

Ende 2017 hab ich echt oft über MELIS geschrieben. Der Mix aus Soul, RNB, Indie und Songwriting hab mich damals mehr als überzeugt. Jetzt meldet sich die Tschechin, die jetzt in Berlin lebt mit neuem Song zurück. ‚Waves‘ setzt musikalisch und visuell neue Maßstäbe.

Und vor allem hat sie den Song direkt auf ihrem Herzschlag geschrieben: “Waves is a very personal song about a love/hate relationship with someone. The lyrics came from my heart and I felt quite vulnerable during the writing process. It was born from a simple melody I played on a small keyboard in my bedroom. I realised that I felt the same way about my hometown Prague and I wanted to translate this feeling into the video. Having now established my life in Berlin, I wanted to go back to Prague to explore my roots and really embrace the city for what it truly is. I worked with a very talented team consisting of director Greta Stocklassa and cinematographer Tomas Frkal who both helped me carry out my vision in the most authentic way possible. The mini stories we created are both sentimental and moving for me because they are shot in places where I grew up and therefore feel like distant memories. We shot on film to really bring out the rawness, and although it was a lengthy process, there was something magical about creating a piece of art in itself that made the struggle worth it. We shot the video for six days straight in the middle of winter, in snow and rain! It was cold and often tough but despite that, it was an incredibly valuable experience and I think we managed to capture the nostalgia and melancholic feeling that you get from listening to the song and accurately portrayed the emotions that it carries.”