The Chevin – Under The Thunder

Irgendwo zwischen Bands Architectures in Helsinki, The Killers und Arcade Fire würde ich THE CHEVIN einordnen. Der Song ‚Under The Thunder‘ geht aber noch viel weiter und der Song hat einen eher traurigen Anlass, was Lead-Singer Coyle Girelli verrät: “We recorded at Sonic Ranch on the Mexican border. I had recently lost a close friend to illness and was already wrestling with the idea of the invisible lines that keep us apart. Invisible borders. Some we create in our minds. Some are physical and immovable and permanent. Yet above the borders I looked at raged this stunning desert thunderstorm. Fork lightning stabbing the sand below and fighting with itself in the dark clouds above. ‘Under The Thunder’ for me is a song about crossing over these lines. Crossing over the borders. With everything going down there at the moment it felt the right time to put this one into the world and that kind of re-opened the floodgates. We have so much music to put out. So much to say.”