The Day – Tenderfoot (The Lemonheads / Smudge Cover)

Früher hat man viel mehr Lemonheads gehört. Die wunderbare Band THE DAY erinnert uns an die schöne Zeit, die wir früher hatten. Gregor und Laura machen aus diesem Indie Klassiker ihre ganz eigene The Day Version. Alles ist lockerer und luftiger, sie haben den alten Mief der 90er raus gelüftet.

Zum Song sagt Gregor:

Tenderfoot is a song I listened to a lot when I was 11 years old after I heard my father play it in the car. I rediscovered it when I heard Evan Dando play it at Molotow in Hamburg in early 2019. I always liked its simple short form both musically and lyrically composed nearly like a list of someone taking stock, regaining after a previous letdown. As for their own approch to the song, und weiter „Being a fan of the song, of course I also loved Dando’s wild careless performance of it, but recently I also got the feeling that the song has a certain soft melodic quality to it that has not been recorded yet. That’s why I played it to Laura and luckily she really liked it, too. Later when it came to recording, everything fell into place very easily and we used all four first takes of Laura’s vocals at the same time. And I still am really happy hearing her interpretation as I feel it adds a new perspective to the song both the music and the lyrics.