The Sea The Sea – Fall Before The Climb

Langsam entwickelt sich The Sea The Sea zu meiner neuen Lieblings-Folk-Band. Die Songs der beiden entwickeln sich so schön und bleiben dabei immer harmonisch. Vor einigen Wochen habe ich bereits ‚A Thousand Years‘ vorgestellt, nun also die zweite Single ‚Fall Before The Climb‘ und die Vorfreude auf das neue Album steigt ins Unermessliche.

“Fall Before the Climb” is a song that has gone through multiple versions, and was one of the exciting outgrowths of having the time and space that we did to explore songs in different ways during the writing and recording process for this entire album. This song feels like a song we needed to hear when we wrote it. It can be surprisingly easy as writers to forget that sometimes—that you can write a song you need to hear. Most of our songs tend to have a positive spin on things—I think that’s just the way we are drawn to see things—and this song feels to us, like what it feels like to dig yourself out of a difficult moment. To feel the weight of something lift. To understand something in a way that brings everything else into focus. To embrace the parts of life that are a struggle as part of the human condition — to lean in — find the beauty there, and let it be something that ultimately allows you to evolve.“