Brimheim – hey Amanda

Es wimmelt da draußen nur so vor Lovesongs. Aber es gibt nicht viele Lovesongs über die beste Freundin oder den besten Freund. Darum hat sich jetzt Brimheim gekümmert und ihrer besten Freundin einen Song gewidmet. Zeitlos ist die Freundschaft und deshalb ist der Sound genau so zeitlos.

Brimheim zu ‚hey Amanda‘: »Amanda and I became best friends when we were 10 and it is one of my closest relationships to this day. The impact our friendship has had on my life is hard to overstate – especially because we grew our shared interest in art and music together at a very formative time in our lives. I feel like that’s pretty special – to have grown into the adult versions of ourselves and still be friends. I’m an only child, so Amanda is the closest thing I have to a sibling. She lives in Montreal now, so unfortunately we don’t get to see each other that often. I wanted to write a song that works as a celebration of our friendship and revels in the nostalgia of our childhood beginnings«.