CHIVVY – Deeper Blue & Interview

Der neue Song von CHIVVY ‚Deeper Blue‘ entfaltet sich wie eine Blüte und strahlt am Ende in ihrer vollen Schönheit. ‚Deeper Blue‘ ist ein Blick zurück auf verpasste Chancen und Beziehungen, die sich nie ergeben haben. Ein ‚Was-wäre-wenn‘ Song, wenn man es so nimmt. Traumhaft inszeniert und wunderschön verpackt. Wir haben CHIVVY ein paar Fragen zum neuen Song, zu ihrer Musik und zu ihrer Zukunft gestellt.

The song is about losses and missed opportunities. Have you missed opportunities in your life? Which ones are you still angry about today?

Of course, we all have. For example relationships that ended in a way you didn’t expect. But the song is not about being stuck in the passed or feel angry about it. More so looking back in time, feeling nostalgic and of course those hard feelings that comes with that but also about accepting that unexpected changes are a part of life and feel that maybe that was not meant for you. And of course every missed opportunity can still make you feel disapointed and angry, but we think that when you loose something you make room for an other opportunity, and you start to learn to choose what chooses you.

The video for Deeper Blue looks dreamy but also a bit dark. What is the idea behind it?

The idea behind it was that we wanted it to feel nostalgic. Therefore the video was shoot in super 8 film, to intensify the feeling of nostalgia and loss. And in all of the scenes we wanted to increase that feeling, by using something beautiful and alive as the flowers but still be singing about something that’s foregone. 

This Chivvy-sound can not be pigeonholed, did you have exactly this sound in mind from the beginning? Who inspires you?

The music is not something that’s conceived, but rather something we create with each other in the rehearsal studio. And that sound is something that’s been within us from start, but develops all the time. In general life and feelings inspire us – people, stories, memories, going to festivals etc. And also dreamy music has always been an inspiration for us and bands that always comes back to inspire is ‚Warpaint‘, ‚Beach House‘ and ‚Massive Attack‘ for example. 

How do you get through these turbulent special times?

It’s not easy for anyone but we feel very priviliged to still be able to record and make new music. Actually we have more time for the music right now but we miss our families and friends that we don’t get to spend that much time with due to the pandemic. This time also gives you time to reflect about life, what’s important for you and something you will notice when we will release the music we wrote during this time because its pretty personal. 

What are your plans for this year? What are your goals?

Releasing our debut-album! It feels like a dream come true. We just received our vinyls and CDs and the feeling of holding your first vinyl is really amazing. We would of course love to play live and going on a tour but we can’t really plan something now because of the pandemic. Instead we focus on being active on social media, making new songs and record them.