Dan Lyons – Rohypnol

Wenn Songs von Dan Lyons laufen, dann läuft das Leben um mich herum in Zeitlupe ab. Diese elegante Gelassenheit in ‚Rohypnol‘ fasziniert und begeistert mich. Dan selbst sagt zu dem track “This one I wrote when I came back to the house I was living in one night to find my ex girlfriend and my best friend talking about me. They were really cutting me down. I lost it, relatively quietly, went downstairs and drank a bottle of wine. Turning up the guitar amp as loud as possible, I started playing the riff. The first verse is written like a Soulmates advert, but with tongue firmly placed in cheek. I was turned off by love at the time and was obsessed with the duality of it – hence the lyric ‘Rohypnol, Coca Cola’”.