Minimal Schlager – Disorder (Joy Division Cover)

Das Berliner Duo Minimal Schlager hat sich an einen Joy Division Song heran getraut. Fran Parisi und seine Schwester Alicia haben es geschafft, einen ganz neuen Song daraus zu machen. Der Song wirkt gar nicht mehr aggressiv, sondern klingt verträumt. Der ganze Song schwebt.

„Last summer the original Disorder was stuck in my head for weeks, and everything I was writing in the studio ended up with me shouting „I’ve got the spirit, lose the feeling“, I guess I was catalysing this feeling of claustrophobia and paranoia during the first lockdown. Sent a demo to my sister at 3am, I had the vocals the next afternoon, finished the rough mix in a couple of hours, and suddenly I felt all that pressure of life going away.“ – Francisco Parisi