Odd Beholder – Disaster Movies

Daniela Weinmann aka Odd Beholder schreibt nicht nur großartige Songs, nein sie setzt sich auch für den Klimaschutz ein. Deshalb hat sie die Organisation ‚Music Declares Emergency‘ ins Leben gerufen und ‚Disaster Movies‘ ist der dazugehörige Soundtrack.

„Two protagonists recall their teenage nonchalance, how they used to wish the whole damn town would burn down. They are now standing on the site of an actual catastrophe. Now that a monstrous flood has swallowed the entire town they don’t feel an inch of glee. Disappointed in their own premature disillusion, they feel like they have entered one of the disaster movies that they used to watch. What they quickly realise is that it doesn’t feel heroic at all. Instead everything seems dull and impractical, and terribly frightening.“