Pansy – Trash

Schon beim ersten Gitarrenton wusste ich, dass ich ‚Trash‘ lieben werde. Wie zaghaft die Melodie entsteht, die mit der Zeit immer prägnanter wird und am Ende in voller Schönheit zu bewundern ist. Aber was wäre der Song ohne Vivian McCall? Alles wirklich alles wird mit der Zeit immer besser und besser. Grandioses Stück. Über den Song sagt Vivian McCall folgendes: “ The most sarcastic song I’ve done. Trash was written when I was 20, more than two years before transitioning, during a two-month gap between an internship and my last semester of school. I was so lost to myself and reeling from covering a difficult murder for a newspaper. The 2016 election was coming up and I sensed a coming tidal shift in the world and in my own life. To this day, it remains completely relevant and still makes me laugh because the world has only become worse. Who hasn’t woken up lately wondering what the fuck they’re doing with their life? „