The Day – Empty

Zum Ende des Jahres beehren uns Laura Loeters und Gregor Sonnenberg aka The Day noch einmal mit einem neuen Song und einem neuen Video. ‚Empty‘ ist ein Song, der uns wachrütteln soll, der uns vielleicht ein wenig zusammen bringt in einer Zeit, wo alles auseinander zu driften scheint.

The Day zu ‚Empty‘: „There’s so much that needs to be done. So much that needs to change for this world. And then we always come up against limits and glass ceilings. Just one example: The incredible number of young activists of Fridays For Future are denied relevance and competence, because of their age, or because of the most bizarre accusations. Important and large protests are trivialized until they no longer seem to carry any weight. We need to do much more. We need to listen much more to the youth, to the new generation!“