China Bears – Coming Of Age

Nach zahlreichen Singles erscheint am Freitag die neue und dritte China Bears EP ‚All That Distance‘. darauf versammelt die Band um die Zwillingsbrüder Ivan und Frazer ihre besten Songs bisher. So ausgewogen und harmonisch sind die neuen Songs. Die letzte Single daraus, ‚Coming Of Age‘ beweist das ganz gut.

Coming of age is a song that’s quite fittingly taken a while to get to the version it is today. It’s a song we’ve been playing around with for a few years and has gone through many different versions. It’s a song about realising that you’ll never really have everything figured out and that maybe you’re not exactly where you want to be in life right now, but it’s where you are and that’s okay. It’s as much of a reminder to ourselves when writing it to those who listen to it.”