Mia Berg – Sleepwalkers

Erst mit dem Song ‚Sleepwalkers‘ war für Mia Berg die Arbeit an ihrem Debütalbum abgeschlossen. Der uplifting Sound und die tiefgründigen Lyrics spiegeln die Musik von Mia Berg wohl am besten wider.

“Sleepwalkers was the last song to define the album. It’s a song about confusion and having second doubts. Sleepwalking became a term to describe how life can feel sometimes, where it almost can feel like being asleep or not being fully awake/ aware of the things happening around you. The stages of finding and losing as we walk in and out of passing relationships and emotions that come and go. 

It was a fun track to make, and felt like a good way to finish up the album. It’s a light and dynamic songabout passing relationships and having second doubts. It also felt good to not make yet another ballad type of sound -because it could be! Instead it became this power song, in a place where it’s okay to mess up, and move along.“

‚Sleepwalkers‘ ist nicht nur der Keytrack vom Debütalbum, er ist gleichzeitig auch Titeltrack von ‚Sleepwalkers at noon‘, welches ebenfalls heute erscheint.