Dick Dudley – Train

Über 10 Jahre bin ich täglich im Berliner Feierabend mit der U-Bahn nach Hause gefahren. In diesen Augenblicken war ich nur froh, immer Musik dabei auf den Ohren zu haben. Genau für diese Momente haben Dick Dudley ‚Train‘ geschrieben. Und der Song bildet die Szenerie des täglichen Wahnsinns sehr gut ab.

“I was sitting on a busy train coming home from work, and instead of looking at my own phone I was watching the other phones I could see on the carriage. One man in particular caught my eye. He was well dressed, clean shaven, in his fourties’; yet on his phone he was furiously scrolling through pictures of young women, looking at each for no more than two seconds. I just thought this was a really odd way for this man to be spending his time on the train. Was he on his way home to his family, off to the pub with his mates? Either way, it’s fun to imagine what’s going on in other people’s heads.” – Richie, Leadsinger