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Far Caspian – Arbitrary Task

Der unfassbar talentierte irische Songwriter und Produzent Joel Johnston hat mich als Far Caspian sofort begeistert. ‚Arbitrary Task‘ lebt von dieser Grunddynamik, dieses Tempo lässt einen nicht still sitzen. Man hört gebannt und voller Freude zu, wie sich der Song immer mehr steigert.

Über den Song verrät Joel folgendes: “Arbitrary Task is meant to represent the journey into work and the repetition of doing so everyday. I moved into a studio in the city to record the second half of the album and commuting in everyday brought me back to that repetitive feeling of working and the emptiness we can feel in a job we hate or push ourselves too deep in to. I wanted to write something quick and direct to coincide with the emotion of frustration. I really wanted this album to feel more drum heavy than Album 1 on the arrangements so this song was class craic to record and play.”