Foyer Red – Plumbers Unite!

Sie haben uns über den ganzen letzten Sommer begleitet. Foyer Red aus Brooklyn haben uns mit ihrer Debüt-EP und ihrem frischen Sound beeindruckt. Nun melden sich die Musiker mit neuem Material zurück. ‚Plumbers Unite!‘ macht genau dort weiter, wo wir im Sommer aufgehört haben.

My first few lines in this song reference a predetermined goal and the act of running in place; it places the character in a side-scroller video game. It’s the everyday grind taken literally but augmented in the context of a game with objectives, points, a finite amount of lives, etc. When the day is done however, the protagonist exits the simulation and ponders the sentience of the console, feeling strange about the possibility after several hours of manipulation. When I was little I was obsessed with my gamecube, but after entering cheat codes on my Harvest Moon game, I felt sooooooo guilty. I impulsively deleted my game data and later had recurring nightmares about my gamecube’s anger towards me, something I knew was unrealistic but felt so creepy and real.“ – Elana Riorda, Sängerin und Songwriterin über den neuen Song.