Francis of Delirium – First Touch

In ihrem neuen Song ‚First Touch‘ erinnert sich die luxemburgische Songwriterin Francis of Delirium an die Zeit des ersten Verliebtseins. Dabei geht es aber nicht nur um die rosa rote Brille, die man in der Zeit aufhat, die Schmetterlingen im Bauch.

„‘First Touch’ was a bit of a departure from our usual approach of writing with heavy electric guitar and drums. Instead, Chris and I decided to start experimenting with acoustic guitar and drums. During that time, I started listening to a lot of Sheryl Crow’s music, particularly her song ‚Soak Up the Sun,‘ which became a source of inspiration for the song. I wanted ‚First Touch‘ to have a kind of ’sun-rock‘ vibe. The core of ‚First Touch‘ is about looking back at love with a sense of nostalgia and idealism. I wanted to capture the youthful feeling of being completely consumed by someone and believing everything would work out, even if that is naive. But I also wanted to emphasize the beauty of that sentiment, the hope and trust that come with really believing in the authenticity of love.“ erklärt uns die Künstlerin ‚First Touch‘