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Grrrl Gang – Rude Awakening

Aus Indonesien kommen Grrrl Gang mit ihrem kleinen Ohrwurm ‚Rude Awakening‘. Die Gang besteht aus Angeeta Sentana (Gitarre und Gesang), Akbar Rumandung (Bass) und Edo Alventa (Gitarre) und drei spielen einen atemberaubend frischen Indie Rock.

Worum es in ‚Rude Awakening geht, erklärt uns Angeeta selbst: „I just hate feeling left behind, you know? And I hate it when I’m desperate for a listening ear, people just don’t care. But, on the flip side, I guess, I just didn’t realize that maybe my friends were just fed up with my shit. Like, maybe they’ve tried their best in handling me and being there for me, but I just took that for granted. So, this song is basically my point of view at that time, of thinking that no one cared about me — when, probably, they actually did.“