Iguana Death Cult – Pushermen

Im Mai erscheint die neue Platte der belgischen Band Iguana Death Cult. Die neuen Songs sind allesamt in der Pandemie entstanden, in dieser Zeit ist die Band noch näher zusammengerückt. Das wirkt sich natürlich auch auf ihren Sound aus, den sie weiter geprägt haben.

Über ‚Pushermen‘ sagt die Band folgendes: „This is one of those songs that just sort of happened while fooling around. Talking about it now already feels kind of surreal but we were literally trapped inside my home because of the curfew that was installed due to covid. Guitar in hand, we were reviewing the state of the world and the growing division and distrust we saw not only in the media, but amongst the people we know. Someone joked that we should quit the band and go into the vaccine business and so, we had our chorus. A chorus that ends on a more serious note that we don’t want to be victims of our time. I tried to make the lyrics ambiguous enough that you don’t really know which side the narrator is on. In the end we’re just all people living different lives.“