M. Byrd – Outside of Town

Da draußen gibt es Menschen, die so unfassbar mutig sind und vor allem auch sein müssen. Die nicht, wie wir, in ihrer Comfort-Zone leben können. Im neuen Song ‚Outside of Town‘ von M. Byrd geht es um Menschen, die ihre Heimat verlassen müssen. Die ihr normales Leben, Freunde und Familie aufgeben müssen.

„I wrote ‘Outside Of Town’ a few days after meeting a friend who had to flee from a war with his daughter. It tells his story in a fictional city that is surrounded by desert and war, sustaining itself with big walls and what little water they have left.” M. Byrd fügt hinzu, “every time I play the song, it reminds me of how I admire people who are fighting for a better life for themselves and their families. All of us could be in the situation of having to look past the borders of our homes, and every one of us should play a part in helping the people who are willing to go through so much suffering to provide a safer place for their family and children.“