Mary Anne’s Polar Rig – Som En Dröm

Niemand vermischt so schön Fuzz Pop und Punk Rock wie Mary Anne’s Polar Rig aus Malmö. Das haben sie schon auf ihrem Debütalbum bewiesen und nun sind sie bereit die zweite Stufe zu zünden. Denn am 24. März erscheint der Nachfolger ‚Makes You happy‘. “Som En Dröm” (Like A Dream) ist bisher wahrscheinlich der komplexeste Song der Band rund um Frontfrau Malin Hofvander.

“We used to call this the ‘bob hund’ song as we were working on it. They’re probably one of our all-time favorite Swedish bands, so it’s no secret that they’ve been an inspiration for us, and especially on this song. It was the last song we wrote before going into the studio, and I think that made us want to experiment with it more. Production-wise, I was really looking for that dreamy feeling of walking through different atmospheres, never knowing where you’ll end up next. Zakarias Lindhammar, who did the mix on this one, really did an awesome job. It’s probably the track I’m most proud of on the album” – Malin Hofvander