Niall Summerton – Wish You Could Speak

Der aus Leeds stammende Musiker und Songwriter Niall Summerton schreibt wundervolle kleine Songs. ‚Wish You Could Speak‘ ist seine persönliche Ode an den besten Freund des Menschen, den Hund. Wie schön es doch wäre, wenn man sich unterhalten könnte. Man muss den Song einfach lieben, denn er ist so schön wohlig temperiert.

„Wish You Could Speak is a ditty-for-the-dog. I think we’d be great friends if we could chat. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to spend time with dogs, they’re less hassle. I used a guitar on this that I bought from a man in Barnsley during lockdown. He’d built this Gibson Les Paul copy in his shed out of MDF as part of a kit he got on Ebay from china. You can see where his hand has slipped and painted the fretboad, and he’s stuck the pickup selector on upside down. I call it the Fibson..“ Niall Summerton