The Creepy Crawlies – Every Little Thing

So witzig und sonnig auch der neue Song ‚Every Little Thing‘ von The Creepy Crawlies auch scheint, die Geschichte dahinter ist eine ernste. Denn hier singt Sänger Chris über seine ganz eigene Erfahrung mit Depersonalisation und Derealisation: “I experienced a pretty severe bout of depersonalization and derealization after my freshman year of college and it’s something that’s informed a lot of the art and music I’ve made since. This song is maybe the most direct reference to that time while also being weirdly the most almost danceable? While writing it I was thinking about how derealization can actually be such a common experience, wether it be through sleep deprivation or simply repeating a word until it loses all meaning. That thought brought me some comfort when trying to relate to a world that can seem so strange.”

Everything is unreal