Tom A. Smith – Fading Away

Hört euch doch mal dieses Pfund an, was uns der Songwriter Tom A. Smith uns mitgebracht. In ‚Fading Away‘ bringt Tom sämtliche Genre so gekonnt zusammen, dass am Ende dieser satte Sound entsteht. Über den Song und die Entstehungsgeschichte sagt Tom folgendes: „I wrote this song in a completely different way than I usually do and everything just flowed so beautifully that the demo and everything was completed in under 5 hours. I love space and think the whole thing had a classic vibe. The double meaning of the lyrics and everything works really well for me. To get Hugo White to produce it was fate I think. I think he’s a genius and it was such an enjoyable process. It stays really faithful to the original demo but as soon as he got his hands on it, it became massive „.