Gemma Hayes – Hardwired

In diesem Jahr erscheint das bereits 5. Gemma Hayes Album, das erste Album seit über 10 Jahren. Im Januar haben wir schon die Single ‚Feed The Flames‘ vorgestellt und nun folgt die flotte Single ‚Hardwired‘.

„I wanted to take a musical freeze frame of the world post-Covid,“ erklärt Gemma ihren neuen Song ‚Hardwired‘. A place where, according to statistics, we were more captured by our devices and social media content than ever before. We were sitting ducks for bad actors to misinform us in a way that felt like real information. A place where people became more polarised by whether they identified with left or right, pro or anti etc. The lack of nuance in these areas seemed dangerous. I felt like unplugging the world, waiting ten seconds, and plugging it back in again. And thus was born ‚Hardwired‘.“