James Wyatt Crosby – Something Missing

Irgendwas fehlt doch immer. Irgendwo in uns drin ist da etwas, was wir schon immer vermissen. So geht es auch dem Songwriter James Wyatt Crosby in ‚Something Missing‘. Der Track ist Teil der neuen Platte ‚Happy Memories‘ und der Song ist genau das, eine verträumte glückliche Melodie. Wir könnten James ewig zuhören.

To me, „Something Missing“ has always felt like the little brother of an earlier song of mine called „Deep in Yr Mind„. I’ve always tried to avoid repeating myself, but I feel like I subconsciously made „Something Missing“ in a similar vein to that song, which I only started to realize towards the end of the recording process. This song has a slow pulse, and it alludes to an ineffable ache that is universally felt. But although it does suggests a deep indefinable sadness on one hand, on the other, it also suggests that solace can be found through sharing our sorrows. The silver lining is that there is always potential to rekindle what has been lost through a kind of mutual commiseration. – James Wyatt Crosby