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Loose Buttons – I Saw Jon Hamm At The Beach

Auch die Loose Buttons sind gut ins neue Jahr gestartet und sie beglücken uns mit einem neuen Song. Und tatsächlich beruht der neue Song auf einer wahren Begebenheit, denn die Loose Buttons haben Don Draper aka Jon Hamm im Schwimmoutfit letzten Sommer gesehen. Die Botschaft ist allerdings die, dass man sich nicht von der perfekten Hülle blenden lassen soll.

„It was one of those idyllic beach days — the sky blue, the air just right. And then, out of the corner of my eye, the man himself Jon Hamm. There he was, a perfect ’symbol of the ideal man‘ who, in reality, was just simply another beachgoer, casually playing kadima and sharing the day with his loved ones. As a huge fan of his work, seeing him out there, just being a regular dude, felt wonderfully refreshing. The whole experience debunked the ‚leading man‘ facade I’ve often attributed to him. So, if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend seeing Jon Hamm at the beach— it’s a life changing experience.” – Eric Nizgretsky