Lazy Day – Hiccup

Manch Leute halten die Luft an, manche wollen erschreckt werden und andere trinken 10 Schlücke Wasser. Und Tilly Scantlebury aka LAZY DAY schreibt einen Song über ‚Hiccup‘. Denn man sagt ja auch, wenn du Schluckauf hast, dann denkt jemand an dich. Darum geht es auch in ihrem Song: „The song is about not knowing what someone else is thinking and ending up in your own head. I wanted to play with the idea of a ‘hiccup’ – a weird involuntary bodily reflex that causes disruption, even if only for a second. A hiccup is like an unpredictable bump in the road, and it was a way for me to express the lack of control I felt I had at the time. I had a lot of fun mirroring this in the music, especially with the band in the studio – chopping and changing the pace and feel of the song so you’re never quite sure what’s next.“

Und wieder einmal hat Lazy Day genau unseren Nerv getroffen, genau wie damals mit ihren Songs ‚With My Mind‘ und ‚Disappear‘.