FRANKIIE – Compare

Endlich wieder was Neues von Francesca, Nashlyn, Zoe und Samantha. FRANKIIE möchten sich nicht vergleichen in einer Welt voller Vergleiche. Selbst sagen sie: „We have become normalized to a world of voyeurism, but often what we see is merely a projection of a life that isn’t even truly real. We can get lost in the illusion of beauty and success of others – of strangers – and, in turn, feel like our own life doesn’t measure up. “Compare” is inspired by the negative yet constant relationship one can form with social media. It’s human nature to compare yourself to others, but it’s important to be aware of how unhealthy it can be. Especially when it’s being thrust at you nonstop through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, whatever. We hope that “Compare” can remind you to just stop and celebrate yourself. We are all special and are all amazing.“

Verpackt haben sie diese Message auf ihre Art und Weise, verträumt, echt und vor allem sehr catchy.