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Blue J – Sink Or Swim

Vor genau 2 Jahren haben uns Blue J mit ihrem charmanten Debüt überrascht. Nach einer kleinen kreativen Pause melden sich die Kanadier mit einen neuen Song zurück. ‚Sink Or Swim‘ handelt davon, einem geliebten Menschen in Not zu helfen. Sänger Justice McLellan erklärt die Idee hinter ‚Sink Or Swim‘: “the track is a song about caring so deeply about someone who’s struggling that you abandon yourself. I’ve had some of the closest people in my life suffering from addictions and eating disorders, which can take their toll on surrounding people. The chorus leads to a grief ladened admittance of ‘I thought that I had control / that I could help you work it out / but I’m sadly mistaken.’ It’s a reflection on how my interference with someone else’s struggle, although coming from an earnest place, can cause more harm than good.“