Close Talker – Papier-mâché

Mit der Geburt des ersten Kindes, wird man quasi auch selber neu geboren. Das erste eigene Kind stellt dein Leben von Jetzt auf Gleich auf den Kopf. Diese Erfahrung haben auch Will, Matthew und Chris von Close Talker erlebt. Auf einmal ist das eigene Leben nicht mehr das wichtigste, von nun an geht es um den eigenen Nachwuchs. Das ist die nachdenkliche Geschichte hinter ‚Papier-mâché‘.

„A year and a half ago, my son was born. His name is James and he completely destroyed me. It’s a remarkable experience to be living your life in some self-absorbed, care-free bubble, and the next thing you know, the world has entrusted you with a human who needs you to stay alive. Do they know I’ve spent the last 10 years touring in a van eating spitz? And this human has ultimate power over you. Anything they do could make your day, or send you into an anxiety ridden spiral. And the best part is, they are completely unaware of it. “If you only knew how you could ruin me” is just the tip of the iceberg. Your life has changed. Your priorities diminished. And all you want now is for that human to feel loved, while constantly wondering if your love is enough.“