Lazy Day – With My Mind

Tilly Scantlebury und ihre Band LAZY DAY mausern sich langsam zu unserer neuen Lieblingsband. Die Unaufgeregtheit und die wahrscheinlich ungewollte Coolness macht einfach Spaß. Man merkt der Band und Tilly auch den Spaß an. Der Sound der Londoner Band erinnert an die großartigen Dignan Porch, doch Tilly’s markante Stimme macht den Sound unverwechselbar. Das ist der Lazy Day Sound.

„It’s funny because ‘With My Mind’ has been in the world for three years, but I’m even more excited about it now
than I was back then. ‘With My Mind’ felt like a turning point, both in the way that I wrote and recorded music,
and in my personal life too. I think that’s why the song has stayed really important to me, because it signifies how
Lazy Day started, and now what it’s become. It’s shown me that feeling sad and grim can change into feeling

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